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Enhancing executive officers and young professionals through sustainable growth-mindset education

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Upcoming programs

Become enhanced, educated, and empowered by enrolling in our sustainability education programs

World-class, data-driven classes offering you the latest in corporate sustainability education

Circular Economy

Learn how to implement an economic model built on waste reduction and sustainable longevity

Sustainable Finance

Synergize ESG considerations with long-term, sustainable economic initiatives

Benefit program

Organizations reap numerous benefits from having leaders with a sustainability mindset

Shaping innovation, continuous improvement, sustained competitive advantage, and long-term success

McCann & Holt

Synergizing cultural change, networking with stakeholders, and transformative green initiatives under one environmentally-oriented vision

Al-Zawahreh et al.

Increases organizational performance by reducing costs and increasing potential revenue by developing develop sustained relationship with internal and external stakeholders

Gerard et al.

Learning structure

You will excel in our programs through our structured learning process

Learning Modules

Our learning modules include the latest relevant case studies

Interactive Learning

A proactive approach to learning which balances theory and practice

Learning Platform

Acces modules and attend classes anywhere through our e-learning platform

Networking Session

Information sharing sessions aimed at synergizing education and profession

Focus Group Discussion

Analyze case studies and transfer knowledge through focus group discussion sessions

What Our Experts Have to Say

Here are what leading academics and industry leaders have to say about Executive Education

"Executive Education's curriculum on corporate sustainability will truly exceed your expectations. It will enlighten you to reach better understanding on contemporary sustainability issues"

Ignatius Jonan
Former Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

"The comprehensive learning modules provided in this program are insightfully engaging and it is a good opportunity to learn alongside a diverse group of peers from academic and industry sectors"

Prof. Dr. Bambang Tjahjadi, SE., MBA., Ak., CMA., CPM., CA.
Professor of Management Accounting, Airlangga University

"The real-time online classes, focus group discussions, and networking sessions are worthwhile intellectual investments. It helps to give practical applications to the concept of sustainable development"

R. H. Agus Purnomo
Commissioner, PT. Pelindo Indonesia

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