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The first comprehensive accounting and finance research database in Indonesia

Why ESGI Dataset


We only source from complete annual reports to prevent incomplete data


We use artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure data accuracy

Fast & Easy

Simply choose your variables and receive the .xls results instantly

How we collect our data

Annotates Data

The system annotates the data from our source annual report

Reviewed Data

The previously annotated data will be reviewed by our data expert

Indexing Data

The system will begin indexing the data to improve the structure and quality

Data Ready

The data is ready to operate


Quantitative Data

Quantitative Data provides all ESG data of Indonesian listed companies. The data collected using methodologies supported by artificial intelligence and experts to make the data are reliable


Text Analytics

Text analytics utilizing the full-text search within the data of companies, perfectly fit for research in content analysis and sentiment analysis. The data coverage are all Indonesian listed companies report

What they say about ESGI Dataset

I don't regret buying data here, because the admin is friendly and we can also ask where the processed data comes from and the admin always responds

Iqbal Ridwaan
Undergraduate Student

I found out about ESGI through the Instagram platform, and am so grateful to have finally met ESGI. The data I need is very helpful and makes it easier for me to complete my final project. Thank you ESGI

Alda Endharyana
Undergraduate Student

ESGI Dataset is really cool. Masha Allah. Helped us by providing hard-to-find data and helped speed up our research. In the past, we really wanted easy data access like foreign researchers. Thank God there is ESGI now in Indonesia. Thank you ESGI Dataset

Salisa Effendy
Lecturer, Postgraduate Student

The ESGI data is very cool, the service is really good, it is also assisted with solutions and also highly recommended to make it easier to do research. Thank you

Nisrina Jaesa
Undergraduate Student

Very helpful for collecting secondary research data, make my life easier!

Erina Christy
Undergraduate Student

At first, I didn't believe it, but after hearing stories from other friends who had purchased data here before, it turned out that it was really very helpful, especially for those who were doing research or doing a thesis.

Irma Kulatawati
Graduate Student

Our Payment Method

FAQ ESGI Dataset

So, what is ESGI Dataset?

ESGI Dataset is the first financial statement database in Indonesia.

We provide variables from the annual report of IDX listed companies from 2016-2020

Other than the company's report data, is there any other data?

Sorry currently we don't provide other data, we only provide data contained in company reports including annual report, financial report, and sustainability report.

Do we provide data processing services?

We do not provide data processing services for SPSS, Stata, e-Views, Excel and various other applications. However, we provide regular consultations through the Free Course and Research Fighter Community. Information can be found on Instagram, so stay tuned!

Is ESGI Dataset a 'jockey'?

No, ESGI Dataset is a data bank and does not provide thesis writing, reference searching, data processing, plagiarism check services. We want you to #LulusLebihCepat, but with your own efforts

Is using the ESGI Dataset allowed in research ethics?

Using data from secondary sources is of course allowed in research. The process we do in data collection is the same as the way you do to collect independent data. It's just that, we make it easier by directly providing the data neatly in excel format (.xlsx)

Can I ask for references to thesis and journal titles?

Please take a look at tips on how to pick thesis title and search for journals on the ESGI Dataset Instagram. You can also take an Exclusive Course specifically for Research Fighter community members (register at

What is the data price range?

The data in the ESGI Dataset is divided into 3 categories:

  • Bronze: IDR 400 per data
  • Silver: IDR 600 per data
  • Gold: IDR 1000 per data
  • Custom: price per data varies

This category is based on the uniqueness and level of difficulty in collecting data in the company's annual report

What does the price per data mean?

Data price is calculated per data cell

Is there any data about CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility data is available. Please see our catalog on the Quantitative Data page


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