Artificial intelligence platform to foster sustainability in Indonesia business practices

Implementing ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) in your business is key to that resilience. Protect our Earth and your business for future generations with ESG

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Why is ESG essential for business

Cost Reduction

Applying ESG can lead to an increase in operating profits by up to 60%

Risk Management

Strong ESG programs may mitigate risks and build business resiliency

The Investment Choice of Tomorrow

ESG assets may contribute 1/3 of global AUM by 2025 – or US$53 trillion

Our products


Retrieve your well-structured data from Indonesia public annual report in a matter of second

Executive Education

Help young professionals and company executives to become innovative and exceptional leaders

Sustainability Consulting

Enhance and align your business performance with sustainability using our consulting framework

Our core competencies

Competitive Analysis

Our ESG analysis comprises international experts and is based on ESG compliance of 100 top worldwide firms

One-Stop Service

Enjoy our multi-purposed ESG services that fulfill user needs entirely. Each of our sub-product has been explicitly designed to meet all ESG experts and enthusiasts’ eagerness

Trusted Data

Our data collection methodology is built conservatively with AI and machine learning technology assistance. We imply to make our data reliable and fit with the user’s needs. Furthermore, we employ professional data scientists to ensure and enhance our data confidence level

Synchronized Output

The analysis result is downloadable in various formats to fulfill the necessity in further processing using statistical or other software. We are aware that reformating the data process is tiresome, and we ready to eliminate those unwanted phases

Our clients


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